News Development

Our News Development team works to keep our audience well informed and ahead of the curb.

Responsible for: researching issues on campus, creating storyboards for projects, and working alongside Cinematography and Video Editing in ensuring the story is well-executed

Apply if you are: passionate about investigative journalism, the next Anderson Cooper, or interested in the pressing issues our community faces - both on campus and in the surrounding community

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Content Development

We’re not your average Content Development team; we’re a cool Content Development team. We’re looking for creative, inquisitive, and diverse souls to make up our ~hip~ squad.


Responsible for: illuminating narratives and crafting stories that need to be told, procuring the most interesting content - period

Apply if you are: extremely organized, effectively bring video ideas to fruition, and stay up-to-date with the latest campus/contemporary trends

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Our team works closely with content and news development to go out into the field and film.


Responsible for: telling a story through the lens of a camera

Apply if you are: Steven Spielberg’s offspring; alternatively, if you have interest in videography and film. Prior experience is not required, but a major plus!

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Video Editing

We bring the Bruin Newsroom to life.


Responsible for: editing the footage gathered, working alongside News and Content Development in creating the final product, and leaving behind creative imprint

Apply if you are: organized, detail-oriented, and tech savvy. Experience with Final Cut Pro or Premier required. After Effects experience is a plus!

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  1. Graphic Design

  2. Social Media

  3. Branding

  4. Marketing

  5. Finance

  6. Partnerships

  7. All of the above

The Communications team works together to ensure all marketing and finance aspects of the BNR are running smoothly.


Responsible for: everything outside of content development and production

Apply if you are: interested in marketing and finance, have a knack for online presence and branding, or want to be a part of the BNR, but don’t want to deal with any news

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